Introduce yourself

Go on, introduce yourself!

Hi everyone!

My name is Sam, I’m responsible for design here at Streeva. I oversee product, brand, web, animation and much more. Basically anything that people touch or interact with should pass by me (If something doesn’t look right, it’s currently all my fault. Blame it all on me!).

I have over 10 years experience in design helping all types of big name clients and startups.

Before Streeva I worked at design agencies in and around London before helping Monzo grow from 0 to 500,000 customers. I’m hoping I can help Streeva do the same with Swiftaid!

Follow me on twitter @SamMichael


My name’s Chris and I’m Head of Engineering at Streeva. I currently focus on making sure we build our products efficiently and in such a way as that we can stand behind them, as well as sometimes switching hats to look after IT Security. I also managed to find a bit of time between those two to build and manage most of the core systems for Swiftaid.

I’ve been a professional software engineer for nearly 20 years and in that time have worked on many very different products and systems from home automation, to digital shop fronts, to automated testing tools for mobile phone networks.

We have some exciting things coming for Swiftaid and way beyond!

Pleased to meet you,