Sneak peeks and feedback

We’ll use this space to share what we’re working on and gather feedback :pray:

To kick things off, I’d like to share some work we are doing to improve charity onboarding. The objective here is to make it easier and quicker for charities to register with Swiftaid so they can start collecting Gift Aid on donations that are currently being missed sooner.

Our current flow requires charities to complete 2 forms when they register with Swiftaid, the CHv1, and DSA1 form. The change of details form (ChV1) is used by charities to let HMRC know of a wide variety of changes, many of which are not needed when it comes to registering a nominee (like Swiftaid).

So to simplify things we want to create a digital replacement for both forms starting with the CHv1.

You can test the new flow by clicking the image below.


Let us know your thoughts and questions!
Is there anything you think we should change or add as part of this flow to make it easier for charities?

This work is also being shared with HMRC for feedback.