New Authentication Service

Streeva is in the process of rolling out a new authentication service for Swiftaid, the Swiftaid developers documentation site has already been updated with the details of this new service.

All new sandbox and production credentials will be issued using the new service, but the existing authentication service and any clients issued for it in active use will still be maintained and supported for the time-being, Swiftaid engineering will be contacting our partners who were issued with these credentials to discuss migration in due time. Any credentials on the old service which have not seen active use in the last 3 months will be deleted.

For our existing partners looking to migrate you can contact Swiftaid engineering on for a new set of client credentials.

Token Endpoint:

For those migrating note that there is a difference between the old and new services when requesting an access token, where the old service was using client secret post authentication (credentials in the form body), the new service expects client secret basic (HTTP Basic authentication header).