Donor Awareness

Don’t forget to tell your donors about Swiftaid.

It’s early days, awareness is low and the nature of contactless means that engagement with donors is limited. We hope this following text helps paint a clear picture of what Swiftaid is all about and how we see this working.

With all charities encouraging their visitors to head to Swiftaid working together to raise awareness, we will see a good uptake of donor sign ups. With the current solution a donor only needs to sign up once to Swiftaid, then, all contactless donations they make to any charity that has signed up to Swiftaid will receive Gift Aid automatically, without having to lift a finger. Visitors could arrive at your charity having already signed up to Swiftaid when at a great visitor attraction charity such as the Natural History Museum or a neighbouring charity in your area.

Today, a donor needs to sign up to Swiftaid before they make their donation, but we hope to move towards a new solution with GoodBox so that a donor can sign up after they’ve tapped to donate.

Furthermore, we have bigger plans. HMRC and many other large players in the charity industry are working with us on a project called ‘The Future of Gift Aid’. Swiftaid is leading the technical aspect of the project and together we are working to automate Gift Aid across all methods of digital donations, from direct debit to SMS. Contactless was just the beginning, followed closely with a solution for online donations. Bringing partners, charities and donors on board through all these means will help build the Gift Aid network which we see growing exponentially.

Right now we rely on you, the charities, to spread the word and ask your supporters to fill in a one time only Gift Aid form online to help build a brighter future of Gift Aid. We want you to have all you need to raise awareness and so we have made updates to the resource page with contactless-specific materials to help with this.

Remember, when you encourage a donor to sign up, you’re not only benefiting your charity but also any charities they go on to visit and donate to. Together we can make more of a difference!

If you have any concerns or bright ideas around raising awareness and encouraging donor sign ups do share them here!

Thank you, team Swiftaid