Building awareness for Contactless Gift Aid

Streeva’s goal with Swiftaid is to make Gift Aid as easy as possible for people. As easy as tapping a few buttons in your banking app!

We’ll continue to push banks to make this :point_up: happen, but in the meantime, I’d like to share a concept we’re exploring to help build awareness for contactless Gift Aid. Specifically, at the point donations are being made.

It’s important to remember the act of tapping your card as a donor is the most valuable part of a contactless donation, not the 25% added Gift Aid. For this reason, any messaging about Gift Aid should be secondary to the donation, i.e. The act of adding Gift Aid shouldn’t interfere with why Donors tap to donate in the first place!

With this in mind, we’ve created a small graphic to be used in and around contactless donations points, designed to point donors to where they can boost their donations by 25%…

and here’s how it might look in the wild:

We hope you agree that this little graphic communicates Swiftaid clearly, without getting in the way of higher level messaging.

Let us know your thoughts by replying to this post!

If feedback is positive, we’ll create some simple guidelines and make the artwork available for all to use. We’ll continue to look at more ways to help build awareness for Swiftaid over the coming months and share here!

Hi Dan, the graphic looks good and really clear. I wonder if users will know that this means they personally have to go to to register their card? Especially in the early adoption stages. I wonder if it needs a little more direction, e.g.

Register your card at to add 25% to your donation
giftaid it

I appreciate this is more text, but it may be necessary initially.

Bournemouth Parks Foundation

Thanks for the feedback Cathi!

We’ll explore this. It definitely makes sense to include a standardised sentence that helps reinforce the message - especially when space is less of an issue on larger terminals.

I think the main thing here is to create a badge that donors can start to recognise and trust. A standardised sentence to work along side it would be ideal!

I’ll include this in v2 and share here…

Update :slight_smile:

We’ve had our first batch of sample stickers through and they’ve come out looking rather smart!

These are the 15mm high version for smaller donation terminals. Next step is to produce these with supporting text at a variety of sizes.

Here’s what we are thinking for supporting text, thoughts welcome!

(pink line is the cutter guide)

Sneak peek at another concept we’re looking at to help build donor awareness.

This could be reproduced at different sizes dependant on application but the core information included here could work well as a v1 for getting the news out there about Swiftaid…

Thoughts on this direction very much appreciated! We’re getting close to a bigger push for donor awareness! :soon: